Friday, February 10, 2012

National Board Renewal

I went through the NB Renewal process last year and am happy to say that I did re-certify.  My mother, who is supposed to be my biggest fan, made me the most nervous.  She kept asking me what would happen if I (as Program Director for NB at CERRA) did not re-certify.  I'm glad I didn't have to answer her question.

As you probably expect, the renewal process is rigorous.  I spent time planning, writing, and reflecting but in a weird way it was fun.  We never have the opportunity to reflect upon everything we have done as educators.  The renewal process gave me that opportunity and allowed me to see how my choices have impacted students.  The thoughts below are my reminders and suggestions about the process.

The renewal instrument documents your professional growth over the last 8-9 years.  Your job is to submit evidence linking your professional growth to student achievement.  Remember the student is at the center of everything we do.

You must renew in the same area as your original certificate.  You should begin the process as an 8th year NBCT because if you allow your NB certificate to expire you must begin the entire process over again.   Your portfolio of professional growth is due on April 30th.

I would suggest that you review the Core Propositions, the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching, and the current standards for your certificate before you begin.  Make sure that your professional growth experiences have evolved, are varied and/or multifaceted, and have been a focus over an extended period of time.  When I started trying to determine which professional growth experiences I wanted to include in my portfolio I wrote everything I had been involved with over the last 8 years on separate notecards.  I gave the notecards to some of my coworkers and asked them what I had forgotten.  Once I had my stack of notecards finished, I started categorizing them by patterns and/or connections.  The piles became my professional growth experiences.

Your renewal application will be read holistically by one assessor.  Therefore, you do not need to repeat information in each entry.  You only need to say something one time, which will save you a good bit of space. Your scores will be reported as renewed or not renewed.  There is no opportunity to bank scores.

I promise this process is not bad at all!  Let me know if I can help you as you move forward. 

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  1. I too renewed. I found the process a fraction of the work on the original certification. I kept a giant 3 ring binder of all the professional development through my 10 years. When I got ready to recert, I just went through the binder, clustered, and picked out my strongest. Almost 100% recert . Scorers have told me that the ones who don't , do not submit an important piece of work. review the tech components for submitting and Practice with movie maker too!